Translation Services:

  • Personal documents (ID cards, birth certificates, death certificates, adoptions, marriage licenses, divorce paperwork, work verification letters, diplomas, school transcripts and letters, etc.)
  • Academic texts (school papers, journal articles, blog articles)
  • Website content
  • Medical documents (patient letters, doctor’s notes and letters, informed consent forms, informational brochures, instructions for use)
  • Employee handbooks
  • Documentation for non-profit organizations (flyers, blog posts, website content, memorandums of understanding, grant applications)
  • Music-related texts (textbooks, manuals for musical instruments, and articles about music history, theory, composition, culture, and performance)
  • Poetry and fictional literature

Proofreading Services:

I offer proofreading services for the same types of documents as I do for translation services.

Transcription Services:

Monolingual (English to English) transcription for various documents, which may include webinars, films, videos, documentaries (transcription of the dialogue into script format), and other audiovisual content on general subjects.

Subtitling Services:

Subtitling services are available for both monolingual and bilingual conversions. In other words, if I am provided with the text to be formatted into the subtitles, I can subtitle in either language and will only have to charge the client subtitling fees. If I am provided with original text that is in Spanish, I can also translate the text into English and subtitle it with the translation in English. However, for this service, I will have to charge the client both translation and subtitling fees. If you have any questions regarding the software to be used for subtitling, please use the Contact Me form for any inquiries.